A Cream That Makes Pregnancy More Pleasant

08 Nov 12 - 00:30

has revolutionized pregnancy. Confused?
Well, one of the abhorred things about pregnancy is stretch marks that form around the abdominal area. They just refuse to go away even after years after childbirth.

Celtrixa, with its unique Regu-Stretch formula, has helped numerous women to keep their skin unmarked and beautiful. Reviews of Celtrixa show that the cream works amazingly in reducing marks after pregnancy, and if used in the last trimester, it also prevents mark formation to a large extent.

For decades, women dreaded the idea of losing their skin’s beauty. Of course, they were thrilled to give birth, yet their marked skin made them feel sad. Thanks to Celtrixa, women need not hide their bellies under clothes. They can proudly show off their beautiful skin after delivery.

Reviews of Celtrixa suggest that this formula is different from regular ones. It makes use of ingredients that repair the dermis, which gets torn due to over stretching. The formula also boosts collagen production, which strengthens and smoothens skin.

One of the wonderful features of Celtrixa is that it also improves skin complexion due to the presence of O.D.A. White, an amazing skin brightening agent. So, you got double benefit at the price of one. Yet another wonderful thing is that the cream is risk free due to natural-based ingredients in it.

So far, reviews of Celtrixa have been positive, which indicates that the cream is worth trying. The brand is offering a trial offer that lasts for 30 days. This is a golden opportunity to see for yourself what all the commotion about the cream is.

Some of you might be thinking that all the commotion and the flood of reviews of Celtrixa is only a short-time craze that usually happens for a newly launched product. It will pass away. As you use Celtrixa, you will realize how wrong you are. The cream and the craze is here to stay for long.



08 Nov 2012 - 04:23 am

I had my baby three years ago, and since that time I have been trying a bunch of different products to help fade the annoying stretch marks from my abdomen and upper thighs. Home remedies like cocoa butter worked a little but I was not happy with the results on my skin. I was at my wit's end when someone suggested I try Celtrixa. I decided to take the plunge and ordered for this stretch mark removal cream I heard so much about. Even the first time I used it, I could feel the rich formula working on my skin to make it soft and smooth. After two weeks of using Celtrixa with the Microderm stick, my skin feels clearer, softer, and with less stretch marks. Cant thank the brand enough!!

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