Users of a Top Stretch Mark Cream Feel Pity for Its Rivals

21 Jun 13 - 07:22

Fake Celtrixa scam rumors are annoying to users of this stretch mark cream. According to them, these are unnecessarily consuming net space. They ought to have perished long before, in fact, should never have reared their heads up. The cream works on marked skin effectively. And that is the ultimate truth.

However, rivals do not seem to accept defeat. What annoys experts and users more are their unethical ways of competing. They could use their energies in formulating some cream, which competes with Celtrixa. On the contrary, they are simply diverting their energies to destructive purposes like spreading fake Celtrixa scam rumors to destroy the cream’s reputation.

Users hate seeing their favorite cream being attacked like this. Everybody knows that this stretch mark formula is unique and prepared scientifically to deal with marks. Tremendous hard work, devotion, and expertise go into the making of this formula. Celtrixa reviews show that the cream is able to fade stretch marks in 4-6 weeks of regular usage.

The cream is devised for both sexes. It targets marks on hips, thighs, abdomen, and breasts. It suits all skin types and people of all ages, including teens. It is a pity that rivals are still creating false Celtrixa scam rumors. What a waste of their energy and time!

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